Benefits of Votel Video Analytics

Votel proprietary software creates value for the client with its features as described below

Left Object

Left Object Detector continuously monitors an area to detect objects or baggage that have been left unattended for too long in the scene. It looks for objects that are not part of the “normal” scene and issues real-time alerts upon detecting exceptions. Left Object Detector can be deployed at airports, train stations, national infrastructure facilities, public places, and other secure areas to detect unattended baggage and suspicious looking objects left in the scene.

Virtual Trip Wire

With a virtual tripwire set alongside a railway track, freeway hard shoulder, building perimeter or around a temporarily parked asset for example, an alert is generated when that tripwire is breached. Since the system "understands" direction, alarm discrimination based on direction of approach is made possible. A virtual tripwire can also be placed on the entrance into a building or parking lot to review how many people or vehicles enter it. Up to two Virtual Tripwires can be placed in the scene and combined with logic, e.g. alarm only if both Tripwires are crossed.

Speed Gun

Our software allows you to measure and record the vehicle speeds and traffic volume of your street 24/7 automatically. This requires no expensive or difficult to install equipment. If the adjustable speed is violated by a vehicle, Speed Gun saves date, time, speed, and a "speed camera photo". It also saves traffic data for later analysis for traffic surveillance.

People Counting

Highly accurate and versatile people counting systems for sophisticated data gathering. Our stereoscopic video-based counters detect people or specific objects passing beneath video counters fitted to the ceiling inside each entrance. Video counting or computer vision is the most advanced type of people counting. Our systems use embedded software to make a robust and easily scalable solution. These video people counting cameras offer the best way of ensuring accurate footfall and queue counting where dense crowding and slow moving pedestrian traffic occurs.

Vehicle Counting

Vehicle Counter is a traffic monitoring application. It is capable of collecting meaningful statistics regarding the number of vehicles passing through the observed lanes, their length and speed.


The main innovation offered by Vehicle Counter concerns the integrated traffic monitoring system, embedded inside the camera. The following are the key features of the application:

  • Real time count and speed estimate for each monitored lane.
  • Unlimited number of monitored lanes.
  • Vehicles classified according to their length in motorcycles, cars, heavy vehicles.
  • Per-vehicle or aggregate statistics.
  • Robust to different light and weather conditions.
  • No hard requirements on camera height or angle.
  • Can store data on optional SD card with a programmable time schedule
  • Wrong direction, queue and stopped vehicle events available

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