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Command & Control Centre Solution

Experts in: Planning, Design, Engineering & Operations

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Critical Infrastructure Solution

Safe Passengers & Efficient Airports

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Sports Stadium Solution

Preventing Terrorism & Riots
Protecting Athletes
Managing Access

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Access Control Solution

Accuracy, Reliability & Results

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Perimeter/Boundary Wall Solution

Advanced Object Classification
99% Long Range Detection
Increasing Operational Efficiency

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Entry Exist Solution

99.99% Day & Night
Detection, Recognition & Capture of
Pedestrian, Resident, Non-Residents

Solutions for Security and Surveillance



manage operations

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Aisa’s largest wireless network deployment.

What’s New at Votel

Specialized Equipment to Reduce Sun Glare

Sun glare is particularly challenging for surveillance cameras. Even top cameras struggle with such conditions. Votel has developed specialized equipment in order to reduce sun glare at specific angles for CCTV cameras. For benchmarking we tested these two cameras outdoors on a bright sunny day.

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