Trip Wire

This analytic provides for basic traffic counting (people or vehicles) using a single Tripwire threshold. This analytic counts the number of people entering and exiting an area based on a single tripwire line drawn on the threshold between two areas. Alarms can be generated when any given number of people enter or exit the area within a set period of time. This Rule tends to be the easiest to set-up. If this Rule is to be used for People Counting it requires a dedicated overhead view camera over the entryway to the site with enough field of view for the engine to determine that an object in question is a person before and after crossing the Tripwire.

IR Beams

The Active Edge range of infra-red beams can be used to provide highly effective indoor and outdoor perimeter protection. Simple to install and setup, Active Edge point beams are proven to deliver precise and effective detection solutions. Available as 60m, 100m dual beam and 200m quad beams.

Fiber Optics

Smarter Fence is specifically designed to provide reliable, early warning of intruders by detecting any attempt to cut, climb, or crawl under perimeter fences. Smarter Fence Sensor System consists of a processor module that transmits a laser beam through a fiber optic sensor cable that is sensitive to a wide range of vibration, flexing, compression, and cutting, while at the same time minimizing nuisance alarms from natural causes. Since Smarter Fence relies on light as the detection method, it is intrinsically safe as it does not radiate signals, nor is it susceptible to electrical interference. This makes it particularly suitable for use in hazardous industrial locations where there is risk of fire or explosion. Smarter Fence cable is very easy to install and field repair or replacement of a damaged section of cable is remarkably straightforward, using a simple but effective splice connector.

EM sensors

We are experts in custom sensor integration using a wide variety of technologies for industrial, agricultural, medical and quality control applications. Supplier of transducers, LVDTs and signal conditioning electronics. Track multiple disposable tools or sensors situated inside or outside the body with this customizable, real-time electromagnetic tracking system that delivers sub-mill metric, sub-degree accuracy.

EM Radar

It is a multi-channel Ground Penetrating Radar solution dedicated to utility locating and mapping. The solution has been conceived to cover tens of hectares/day obtaining the best utilities detection quality thanks to 40 separate channels. The solution includes double polarized (VV and HH) antennas, to cover wide road surfaces with only longitudinal scans for both longitudinal and transversal pipes detection maintaining the same maximum data collection speed, 15 Km/h. The system makes possible what was a dream until now. Imagine mapping all the underground utilities in large areas of dozens of hundreds Km2 and obtain clear and easily enterable result. The high number of antennas increase the quality of the data achievable boosting the reliability of pipes detection. Stream EM is easily dismountable, enabling it to be transported in a van. It can be reconfigured for mapping sidewalks and difficult areas and can also be easily adapted, by using suitable kits, for other applications (archaeology, environmental, road/runway).

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